The Miseducation Of Shapewear, 7 Myths Debunked

Shapewear is here to stay—and it’s breaking free of generations of clichés without looking back. We couldn’t be more thrilled that the days of giant, unattractive control briefs you were ashamed to be seen in are over. Whether you’re getting holiday party-ready or dressing for the office, the new generation of shapewear is everything you never thought it could be… and everything you’ll feel fabulous in. Sister now is the time to let go of old beliefs and make way for the new!

Over the years, as shapewear has evolved there have been may misconceptions that have come to light.  Here we are going to debunk 7 things women think about shapewear that simply are not true!

Myth #1: Buying shapewear a size too small will make them more effective.

Some women think that buying shapewear a size too small will offer even more control. However, shapewear that is too small won’t provide you with more support - it will end up fitting incorrectly and causing discomfort.

A body shaper that is too tight will pinch, bind, cut off circulation, and create unsightly rolls and bulges. Velvet Queen shapewear is designed with you in mind for control and comfort, so you feel comfortable in your correct size.

Myth #2: Buying shapewear a size too big will make them more comfortable.

Some women have been advised to buy shapewear one size bigger, to avoid discomfort. However, a body shaper that is too big will move, wrinkle, bunch, or twist when it is worn, making it even more uncomfortable.

In addition, shapewear that is too big won’t provide the correct level of support and will instead act as an extra layer of clothing and serve no purpose.  For help finding the correct size for you, click here.

Myth #3: Only fully seamless garments can be discreet.

Shapewear is not so taboo after all, so don’t be afraid of seams! Most new generation garments are clean cut and seamless where it matters – such as at leg openings – to help the garment to lie flat and minimize bulges. Shapewear now contains seams for structure and extra strength where needed, without affecting its discreetness or fabulousness.

Myth #4: Shapewear is only for special occasions.

Many women buy shapewear for a special occasion, such as a wedding or party, thinking they will only want to wear it for a limited amount of time. Not generation garments are designed to offer a balance between control and comfort – making shapewear something you’ll want to wear every day, all day! Be on top of your game whether you are a soccer mom, stay at home mom or the boardroom mom and sport a comfy, pretty and functional shapewear today.

Myth #5: Shapewear is very uncomfortable and is difficult to put on.

When some women think of shapewear, they think of old-fashioned, heavy garments with lots of structure, hooks and long laces that require help to put on. Great news... modern shapewear can be easily put on and taken off, much like underwear. They do not contain heavy constructions or closures, as garments now use lightweight fabric which delivers control where it is needed. In addition, comfort is now the name of the game, and shapewear are designed with that in mind - to offer you the all- day-everyday control you need.

Myth #6: Shapewear can replace diet and exercise.

While it may help you look and feel your best, a body shaper is not and should not be a substitute for good nutrition and regular activity. A well-balanced diet and regular exercise have many health benefits, including increased energy, better sleep and a reduced risk of disease. Bottom line...don't ditch the exercise for the shapewear, you need them both!

Myth #7 Shapewear is only for plus size women.

A lot of people think that only plus size women wear shapewear, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth.  There are many thin women and Hollywood stars that also enjoy the benefits of a good shaper.  The purpose of a shaper has less to do with your size, and more to do with being able to eliminate your problem areas as much as possible, so that your outfit can shine!  The key to picking shapewear is to select the right type for the outfit that you are wearing.

The perfect look starts with the right foundation, therefore wearing shapewear, girdles, corsets, etc. is not shameful. In fact, with the various chic styles, vibrant colors, and soft fabrics available, there is really no excuse and quite frankly we deem it a necessity.






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