Top Shapewear Trends

Many people think that there are no trends when it comes to shapewear. However, just like outer clothing fashion, new lingerie trends emerge every season.


It's not just a matter of putting a bra over a lacy t-shirt like you see on some fashion shows, knowing the trends is helpful too. However, outside of trends, its more important to know what your shapewear goals are and understand your body type to achieve best results.


Here are the top shapewear trends:


* High-waist Panties:


Trends keep coming and going. And fashion designers tend to pick some old trend and incorporate it into the new season. That's just what happens with the high-waist panties. We're back to the 50's to see all those vintage silhouettes once again. This time however, comfort, style and vibrancy are the key elements to this favorite staple.



* A "Pert" Silhouette:

Most women aren't comfortable with the appearance of their breasts. And they want to have a bra that allows them to look like teens again. So, many brands are focusing their efforts on "push up", "lift up", as well as the "shape up". Unlike the 90's bigger-bosomed look, this trend is going to allow you to have a natural, pert silhouette. 



* Sexy Shapewear:


Shapewear is becoming sexier over time. Youll be able to find a wide variety of shapewear with floral details, lace paneling, and mesh inserts.


One of the major innovations are the lace pants. They just keep evolving and appear with many beautiful shapes.



* Longline Bra for sporty women:


Sports bras just keep evolving and are no longer only being used to go to the gym. With all the beautiful detailing brands have been incorporating, they're both sexy and fun.

Sometimes a bit of bra bulge can disrupt the lines of an otherwise great outfit. Longline bras, offer support for the chest and smooth your back so you don’t have a visible bra line. Longline bras are structured to extend a few inches lower than the band of normal underwire bras and can also do double duty as a shaping bustier. Longline bras not only help to shape your silhouette, they can also be more comfortable to wear than bras with thinner bands because the wider band area offers more support across a larger space.


* Body Shapers:


The popularity of body shapers is definitely increasing. Besides providing a lot of support, they actually allow you to hide or distribute unwanted bulges. We're not models; we are regular women who want to feel good about ourselves, and body shapers are a great tool we have at our disposal to make us look and feel more confident.


Many celebrities seen showing off their uber-slim ramp look with the hourglass effect are able to achieve this look with body shapers…and so can you.


The best thing about body shapers is that they can be worn under anything, especially that form fitting dress you always wear for a night on the town. Its amazing how it helps correct the bustier flab's, the not-so-tight skin, and the not-so little torso.


There you have it, now you are in the know about the top shapewear trends. Without a doubt, these trends will be around for a long time to come because shapewear is the new normal. Quick tip…don’t go for the basic, basic shapewear, go ahead and add some fun and flare.



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